Wheelchair Rental in Rome

Rome wheelchairs rental service for people with reduced mobility issues, for those who want to rent a wheelchair for short or long term

Lightweight wheelchair for rent in Rome

We offer a wide range of professional services to meet your needs. We are committed to always being positive in our work to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Rent a wheelchair in Rome was never this Easy as today!!!  We have a full range of lightweight folding wheelchairs in various sizes and weight capacities, so that you can comfortably visit the most important attractions such as St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City and Colosseum

All the services you need, in one place !!!

Reduction: After the 4th day you will have a 10% discount.

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Conrad Delmundo
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This was the best experience and customer service! I was able to pick up a...
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The wheelchair Rental Price:  

€15 euros per day

Wheelchair for hire Rome

BasiX 2 Lightweight Wheelchair

The BasiX² is a lightweight folding wheelchair, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Seat width 43cm, Max. user weight 125 kg, Chair weight 15 kg

wheelchairs for rent Rome

Action 3NG Self propelled wheelchair

Action 3 NG Lightest wheelchair in its field Increased stability for a smoother ride Improved design for greater support

Seat width 50.5cm, MAX. user weight 125 kg, chair weight 14.2 kg

Rome wheelchair rental

vermeiren jazz s50

The Jazz S50 is your foldable manual wheelchair, maximum weight capacity 130kg. Seat width 50cm. Total weight 16,60 kg


Basic Light Progeo

Lightweight Folding Wheelchair

Seat Width: 45 cm Max. User Weight: 125 kg Product Weight: from 15 kg

Vermeiren V300

Light folding wheelchair, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Seat width 50cm, Max. user weight 125 kg, Chair weight 16 kg

Exelle vario ultra light folding wheelchair

Exelle Vario Ultra Light Folding Wheelchair Compact

Seat width 42.5 cm, Wheelchair weight 10,6 kg approx Maximum load 125 kg

The start m4 xxl

Ottobock lightweight wheelchair, reinforced, folding frame with double cross bracing making it suitable for users weighing up to 160kg, Seat width 55cm

Ottobock M4 xxl

Ottobock M4 xXL

Otto Bock Start M4 XXL Lightweight Folding Wheelchair.

Designed to be the more robust of the lightweight models with its sturdy double crossbrace and reinforced and withstand extreme stress and strain. 

Seat size 50.5cm, 55.5cm, 58cm. 

Maximum user weight 160kg

Wheelchair Friendly Private tours

Wheelchair Vatican Private Tour

For more information about Guided visit for people in wheelchair

Canadian Crutches

These forearm crutches, also referred to as Canadian Crutches, feature a cuff that goes around the forearm, elbow or wrist for added support and stability. Instead of being positioned under the armpit like underarm crutches, forearm crutches distribute weight in the arms.

The Crutches Rental Price:  €3 euros per day

Foldable rollator walker 4 wheels for the elderly person

The foldable rollator walker is an aid that allows the elderly person to move in total freedom and autonomy, and is suitable for moving both outdoors and indoors.

It is recommended for person with reduced mobility issue.

Price:€15 euros per day

Baby Stroller (prams)for children

We rent Baby Stroller as well for children max weight of 22kg, if you would like to ask any question don’t hesitate  to contact us!

Price: €15 euros per day

Delivery: No

 Nome styles: Joggy S

Colour: blue

The sliding height amounts to 107 cm, with the weight of 10.6kg the jogger is a lightweight. Maximum weigt capacity 16 kg.

Folded it has the dimensions 95 × 61 × 47 cm and has a seat depth of 23cm when unfolded.

Quick and easy folding: the stroller can be closed with just one hand in a few seconds; one hand remains free making it suitable for bus and train but also for small cars it is suitable from birth and can support up to 25 kg

  • We have wheelchairs with a maximum capacity
  • 100 kg=220,5 pounds
  • 125 kg=275,5 pounds
  • 160 kg=353 pounds
  • 200 kg=441 pounds

All pricing is primarily based one day rental!

Let us do the heavy lifting!

All of our wheelchair equipment can be rented for short excursions, through the day, multiple days, and long time period leases. Simply ask for details! All chairs are handy on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservation is required!

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