1 – Start of security control from the square

2 – if you are inside the St Peter’s square a disable ramp on the right side

– The accessible entrance for wheelchair users, reduced mobility and disabled to the Basilica is located on St Peter Square, to the right of the Basilica’s front

4 – After the metal detectors you will pass in front of the Bronzedoor where you can pick up tickets for the Pope’s Audience

5 – After the Bronze door turn right and go straight ahead

6 – And you will meet the dress code control, and if anyone is with naked shoulders or short trousers like this girl in the photo will be forbidden to enter!

7 – After the dress code control you have 2 options get the lift inside the checkroom or…

8 – Use the new walkway to wheelchair users built this year

9 – when you cross the Basilica’s gate, if you continue straight ahead you will enter the Basilica’s ground floor or you can turn right to the Grottoes (Underground)

10 – Ramp for enter inside the Basilica

11 – And be catch by the most AMAZING Basilica in the whole WORLD!

12 – Here start the entrance to the Grottoes (Underground) by wheelchair users and the lift to go to the Dome (Cupola)

Have an amazing Wheelchair Travel Experience!