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Wheelchair To help you move everywhere in Rome

Are you staying in Rome for the holidays or for a short time visit and you, or somebody with you, have a reduced mobility issue or disability?  If you rent a wheelchair in Rome, it will allow you to go around and discover this beautiful city!

Hire a wheelchair in Rome today and you’ll be able to enjoy more and visit everywhere you like!

We are a genuine local business where people can have a direct contact with me! As our focus is to deliver a good Assistance to ours Visitors!!! We take it to heart to offer you a lovely experience and deliver a Great Service at an honest price.

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As a reduced mobility myself,  I understand the struggle it can be, and how many difficulties one can find when moving around in a foreigner country, so I decided to offer a service that could be helpful the other people with needs. Here’s a little list of our available products: self propelled wheelchair, walker for seniors, narrow wheelchair, bariatric transit wheelchair, hire of wheelchair in several sizes, Rental of lightweight folding wheelchair, crutches, Vatican wheelchair tours, personal assistance to push the wheelchair as a companion for your visit in Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel an St Peter’s Basilica with a fee.

I give a personalized assistance with full instructions about the wheelchairs and a lots of Useful information about the accessibility of Rome, Vatican Museums and St Peter’s Basilica as well. Most of our wheelchairs are lightweight “aluminium” and the rental price doesn’t change for this reason!

As you can check up we are the Best Rated wheelchair rental in Rome by GOOGLE because we do care about you, your needs, comfort, safety and relaxed visit in Rome,because it isn’t important how many people we can bring in our storehouse but how we can take care of you.

We organize Tours to the Vatican Museums, St Peter’s Basilica and around Rome as well.

The Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel – a specific itinerary will be available for you without having problems with stairs! Even when visiting the St Peter’s Basilica you’ll be able to do it without problems and by using the wheelchair you’ll SKIP the Lines!!!   For examle: The Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hills, Trajan’s Market Spanish steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Navona’s square, Baths of Caracalla,Villa Borghese with the Borghese Gardens and Zoo, St Peter’s Basilica and also the Vatican Museums and many more wheelchair friendly.

If you need as well we can collect for you the PAPAL’S AUDIENCE Invitation and it’s free of any charge!

Reserve a Wheelchair Service Today!

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Our location is just 300 mt / 328 yards from St Peter’s Basilica!